Single Occupancy


For the last few years, I have been hungry for an all-inclusive beach vacation.    I have fond memories of a romantic getaway to the Sandals resort in Negril, Jamaica, years ago with a former love, as well as a relaxing girls’ trip to Antigua and I’d like to experience those pleasures again.  Alas, there’s no present love partner in my life and trips with the girls have dropped off as my friends have gotten married and started families of their own.  What’s a girl to do?

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Trading Birthdays

In my experience, birthdays as a single person are challenging.  When someone in a couple has a birthday, it’s kind of the partner’s “job” to make her feel special, throw a party, invite friends to dinner, and so on.  When you’re single, it seems a little attention-seeking or even pathetic to arrange your own festivities.  Now, I’m all for celebrating the wonderful woman I am.  When I bought my house, I took the opportunity to invite my friends over for a joint housewarming/birthday party to celebrate this accomplishment as well as my 27th birthday.  It was one of the few times I’ve had a group of people over, as I’m not much of an entertaining type.  But as years since passed, I’ve never understood how to commemorate my “special day”.  My opinion is that others should be celebrating me on that day.  I balk at the idea of bringing in snacks to the office – what the hell, I have to bake for you jerks? – but of course I always do, because, well, that’s what one does in corporate America.

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