Men, at Work?


A group of my work mates take regular walks around the office neighborhood for exercise and to get away from their desks for awhile.  The “Pebble” craze has taken over, with many of my coworkers becoming competitive about who has the most steps each day.  As a card carrying member of “Team Lazy”, I don’t participate in any of it.  For me, a walk, unless accompanied by my dog on a trail in the woods or the mountains, is a bore.

One afternoon, a (married with children) coworker came in after a walk to excitedly tell me about the shirtless workers on site at one of the homes under construction behind our office.  I played in to her whole “wink wink, nudge nudge hey single girl, come check them out with me” routine the next day when the group was headed out for a walk.  It was the first sunny, warm day after a long string of abnormally cold and dreary ones and I felt like getting out for a bit.  Accompanied by five of my office mates, I hit the road.  It was a matter of moments before my would-be “wingwoman” announced to the group that they had to find the construction workers for me.  Surprisingly, this was the first time they’ve made a production about me being the only single person in the office, so I played along.  I’m certainly not averse to seeing men who do physical jobs sans shirts.

We set into a stride while the ladies began discussing their kids, husbands and the usual fare.  Our newest colleague, a woman of about my age or a few years younger, conspiratorially turned to me and confessed “I can relate to what you’re going through.  Sometimes I have the worst nightmare where I’m single and alone and am never going to find anybody to be with, but then I wake up and realize that I actually am married and it was just a bad dream!”  If it weren’t for another coworker immediately bursting into hysterical laughter, I would have seriously questioned if I imagined it.  I mustered a “Yeah, my reality is most people’s worst nightmare.”  I aimed for playful self-deprecation but worried I sounded bitter.  “Oh, no, that’s not what I meant!” she responded in earnest.  But… wasn’t it?

For what it’s worth, there were no hot construction guys on the walk that day.  But I sleep like a baby most nights.



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